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How to Wear (and Shop!) The Latest Blazers and Sets from Trendeeverse?

We are already in mid of October which means all women are getting ready to enter the most fashionable season of the year. Elegant cardigans, leather boots, and cozily fall accouterment are a few thing we all love. However, we are always very thrilled to debut the most sought-after item: the blazer. Blazer suits seem to be a wardrobe essential since they can be tailored for every season. For those having a 9 to 5 job, require a professional blazer for office, alternatively, a blazer can be used as a third item in your comfy outfit, worn over a women’s pants suit for lunch or dinner with friends or family. So, a nice blazer and short set seems to really tie an outfit entirely. You can achieve an ideal layering look by wearing your new chic blazer with pants and a crop top for a unique twist or you can wear it with trousers for work or jeans for a casual day. Blazer and pants suits are an important piece of woman’s outfits these days. Every fashion house we’ve seen in recent seasons has included a good selection of blazer suits that are a must-have. Read below the various types of blazers & how you can style each.

Blazer Styles

Your possibilities for blazers are currently nearly unlimited since they come in a variety of colors, designs, shapes, and textures. Whatever you decide to go with, you must be aware of the fundamental fashions and be able to purchase them.

Peplum Blazer

The peplum blazer is really elegant and mimics the peplum cut. They appear too good to pass up since they a cut. They come in both formal and beautiful variations. They look fantastic when worn over skirts and chinos.

Single breast or button blazer

One button links the sides with your blazer in either a single button as well as single-breasted blazer. This look is appropriate for any and all body shapes and scenarios. Unless it’s for work, opt for slightly more casual fabrics and designs.

Double breast or button blazer

Blazers with two buttons are far more sophisticated and common than blazers with just one button. However, it comes with more fabric than the single-button ones and also drapes your shirt. That being said, the concept of a casual blazer has evolved over time, individuals are leaving the single-breasted blazer.

Waterfall blazer

Although a waterfall blazer may not be a true blazer, it is more blazer-like than your shrugged. It’s spread like wildfires. Office attire, power dressing, the “workplace look,” etc., are all constantly changing trends that are being accepted both at work and outside of work.

How Should A Blazer Be Worn?

Before, wearing a blazer to work implied wearing a matching suit in its entirety. While wearing identical female suits is perfectly acceptable, wearing matching accessories is the latest trend. Choose a plain shirt, ideally white, and combine it with a modest blazer if you are passionate about showing off your legs in either a pair of denim and wearing that alongside a blazer. To enhance the look, replace your jeans with either a set of leggings and jeggings.

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