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The Evolution of Modest Dresses

Modest dresses are thought to have originated back in the 8th century but later were seen quite popular in the 14th century during the ottoman empire. The modern fashion industry of 2021 has changed the concept of modest wearing to suit the current culture & individual’s tastes. In today’s world, many international models, celebrities, activists, and influencers are seen wearing  modest clothing islamic in different styles. That being said, for some people, modest wear is just a fashion wear but some women wear it following their religion.

What is modest fashion?

You will find various definitions & purposes of modest clothing.  But mainly, wearing a full-fledged abaya or a hijab casual dress is considered as modest wearing or modest fashion.  Modest abayas & dresses are certainly not always for Muslims of course. Women dress modestly in several conservative traditions and religions as well. In certain religions, especially Islam, females typically want to cover up their hair & body because it is a very sensual trait that is meant to stay open only in front of close family members, especially spouses.
When it comes to modest clothing for women, there is an array of colors, styles, and ornamentation found. A vast majority from Africa to the Gulf Region love wearing luxuriously designed modest dresses. It focuses on being attractive but not blatantly seductive. However, modest fashion is equally popular in European & other muslim regions.

The evolution of modest dresses

The modest fashion brands have become the go-to fashion destination among women thanks to their modern thinking & creative designs. Nowadays, we see countless international designers, artists, activists, and bloggers working on eye-catching publications and campaigns for modest abayas & Hijab dress. The aim of today’s fashion industry is to retain the love for fashion, ability to find modest wearing without sacrificing style, and feeling empowered about the dress & style.

Types of modest dresses

Over the last few decades modest fashions online made especially for Ramadan or other religious occasions have seen a substantial surge in popularity, not only in the Gulf Region but also internationally.
Many of the most well-known fashion brands nowadays have paid close attention to modest wear. Trends are moving toward more complex, covered alternatives with high necks, long sleeves, and modest maxi dress in a fashionable, feminine approach.

Why is modest fashion UAE being embraced by women worldwide?

Traditional patriarchal ideas of women’s bodies are being replaced through female-led ideals and imaginative renderings of what modest clothing looks like while still being fashionable and conservative. And, the Emirati & Turkish modest clothing are the best embodiment of it. 
The underlying principles of the modest fashion are both different & complex, but they all revolve around wearing clothing that seems to be non-revealing and  doesn’t overtly emphasize the curves of the body, whether worn for social, religious, and recreational purposes. You can readily buy Modest dresses from many designers. 

How modestly dressing keeps you trendy?

There is a wide and experimental variety of  Modest Activewear Clothing & modest fashion in the UAE. You can find conventional clothing like abayas, modest evening fashion gowns, and scarves intended for head coverings in the same stores featuring higher hemlines, moderately dresses, and other items not especially made with modesty in consideration. 


How to buy cheap modest fashion clothing?

You can find high-quality yet affordable modest clothes in Dubai at TrendeeVerse. TrendeeVerse is an online fashion retailer based in Dubai that offers a wide variety of beautiful modest dresses, pant suits, office wear, & much more.

Why distinctive modest fashion for the progressive woman?

In today’s progressive world, modest fashion has become a part of regular fashion. Modest fashion exists far beyond any single culture or tradition.

Why is Trendeeverse your go-to center for modest clothing collections?

Trendeeverse offers the latest in-fashion clothing items for women.  From long ankle-length dresses to midi dresses & modest business suits, this online fashion store has got everything for modest wearing.

Modest travel outfits you should look out for?

Always choose flowy pants with a comfortable loose shirt when you are traveling. You can keep your feet happy with your favourite pair of sneakers that suit your destination. If you want to cover your head, its always better to go for a comfortable silk hijab. 

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